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BAV Engineering OÜ
Kadaka pst 5 10912 Tallinn
Tel. (+372) 53422665
About Us


OÜ BAV Engineering has operated since 2002. There are six people in the company, of who four are engineers with long work experience.

The main activities in fields of creating hot gas generators are:

1. Integrated design of wood fired power plants.

2. Design of scraping conveyors, belt conveyors, worm conveyors and screw conveyors.

3. Organization of the construction of self-designed equipment and the monitoring of projects. If necessary – also the installation of equipment at the client’s location.

4. Design and construction of wood granules fuelled container boilers, with heating power of 150–250 kW. 

For modelling and design of our hot gas generators and other equipment, we use AutoCad and SolidWorks Professional 2D and 3D programs.

Organization of the construction and installation of self-designed equipment generates 60–70% of the company’s turnover. We have good contacts with the majority of the larger metal processing and logistics companies in Estonia.

Wood fired power plants that we have designed and constructed is operating in the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Sweden, Norway, Russia, and Latvia.

Our most important cooperation partners, for whom we have designed and produced our equipment, include: EnPlant AB, KMW Energi AB – Sweden; Bütnner GmbH – Germany; McBurney Inc, and Sigma Thermal Inc – U.S.A. (see the list of larger projects).

EnPlant Engineering AB: http://www.enplant.se/



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